Danielle Elliot is an award-winning writer and documentary filmmaker. In 2012 she created a documentary series for The Huffington Post, titled "Olympic Moms. The Washington Post called the series "fantastic."  

She's produced and/or edited broadcast features for ABC Sports, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN, NBA Entertainment, AMC, Huffington Post, and others. As a writer, she's published features in National Geographic, Grantland, Nautilus Magazine, VICE Sports, SB Nation Longform, TheAtlantic.com, PopMech.com, Pacific Standard, and others. After completing a master's degree at the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University, she spent one year editing and writing for Yahoo Sports and another as a science editor at CBSNews.com. In all, she's covered nine U.S. Open Tennis Championships, two Olympic Games, a World Cup, and dozens of national and state championship tournaments in various sports. 

Through her stories, she's been invited to speak on NPR's "It's Only A Game" and several regional radio shows. She's also moderated a panel at SXSW and runs an annual workshop at Columbia University called "The Art and Business of Freelancing." Throughout, she's maintained her love of travel. Sometimes on assignment, sometimes for adventure, she's visited 50 countries. She goes for the people, the food, the experience - and, naturally, the stories.